What Are the Best Mobile Apps for Tracking Air Quality in UK Cities?

As you navigate through your daily routine, you might not even realize the invisible danger lurking in the air you breathe. Air pollution, a silent intruder, has significant impacts on our health and overall quality of life. It is responsible for a number of health conditions, such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular issues, allergies, and even certain types of cancer.

Given the increasing concerns about air pollution, especially in urban areas, many of you have started to pay attention to air quality data. The good news is, in today’s digital age, you don’t need expensive equipment or sophisticated knowledge to monitor air quality. You can have air quality information at your fingertips, literally, with the help of mobile apps. In this article, we will explore some of the best mobile apps for tracking air quality in UK cities.

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Your first line of defense against poor air quality is staying informed. Breezometer offers you just that. This app provides real-time air quality information, tracking levels of pollutants in your local area. With a global air quality map, Breezometer gives you a comprehensive view of the air health in your city.

Breezometer specializes in providing an Air Quality Index (AQI), a standardized metric used worldwide to measure and compare air quality. This index considers various pollutants, including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter, to give you an accurate view of your local air quality.

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Moreover, the app’s user-friendly interface and colour-coded maps make it easy to understand the information. Breezometer also allows users to view historical air quality data, helping you understand trends and make informed decisions about your activities.

Plume Labs: Air Report

Designed with a sleek and intuitive interface, Plume Labs’ Air Report is a popular choice for air quality monitoring. This app stands out for its ability to provide predictive data. It forecasts air pollution levels, giving you the power to plan your activities ahead of time.

The app uses data from thousands of monitoring stations worldwide and combines it with weather data to predict pollution levels up to 72 hours in advance. This feature allows you to make decisions that can minimize your exposure to poor air quality, such as choosing when to exercise outdoors or understanding the best time to ventilate your home.

One unique feature of Plume Labs’ Air Report is its ‘Plume Clouds’, a visual representation of pollution levels. These animated clouds change their shape and colour based on the real-time air quality data, giving you a quick and intuitive understanding of your local air conditions.


If you are looking for an app that provides hyperlocal air quality data, IQAir is an excellent option. This app offers street-level air quality information in real-time, making it an invaluable tool for individuals living in busy cities like London.

IQAir’s data is sourced from a vast network of monitoring stations, ensuring you get the most accurate information on your local air quality. This app also provides health recommendations based on the current AQI, offering practical advice on how to protect yourself from poor air quality.

This app also boasts a ‘Community’ feature, where you can share your air quality data with others. So not only will you be staying informed about the air quality in your area, but you’ll also be contributing to a broader understanding of air pollution trends in your city.

London Air

For those of you living in the UK capital, London Air is undoubtedly an app worth considering. Operated by the Environmental Research Group at King’s College London, this app is specifically tailored to provide air quality information for the city of London.

London Air provides real-time air pollution data from over 100 monitoring sites across the city, ensuring a comprehensive coverage. It also sends you alerts when the air quality drops below a certain level, helping you stay informed and make necessary adjustments to your routine.

What sets London Air apart is its commitment to education. The app includes a wealth of information about different pollutants and their effects on health, helping London residents understand what they’re breathing and why it matters.


CleanSpace is another app that offers a unique approach to air quality monitoring. It goes beyond providing data and actively encourages its users to contribute to cleaner air.

This app, which is part of a wider initiative by technology company Drayson Technologies, uses a combination of satellite data and ground-based sensors to provide real-time air quality data. It also offers ‘CleanMiles’, a reward system for users who choose low-pollution transportation options such as walking or cycling.

By using CleanSpace, you are not only staying informed about the quality of the air you breathe but also actively contributing to its improvement. It can be an excellent choice for those of you who wish to take a hands-on approach in the battle against air pollution.

Remember, staying informed is the first step towards safeguarding your health against the harmful effects of poor air quality. With these apps, you can have real-time air quality data at your fingertips, helping you make informed decisions about your daily activities and contribute to cleaner and healthier cities.


MyAirVisual is a highly rated air quality app available on both Android and iOS platforms. This app has a clean and user-friendly interface that provides real-time air quality data, making it easier for users to comprehend and interpret the data. It also offers air quality forecasts for both outdoor air and indoor air, providing comprehensive coverage of your environment.

The app obtains its data from more than 10,000 air quality monitors worldwide, ensuring that the data you receive is accurate and reliable. Furthermore, MyAirVisual provides details about six key pollutants, including particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. This helps users not only know the quality of air they are breathing in but also understand which specific pollutants they should be particularly cautious about.

A standout feature of MyAirVisual is its Indoor Air Quality monitor. This feature allows users to track the pollution levels inside their homes or workplaces. This is a significant feature since indoor air can often be more polluted than outdoor air due to factors such as cleaning products, cooking fumes, and cigarette smoke. By providing this data, the app enables users to take necessary measures to improve their indoor air quality.


Shair is another great air quality app that deserves a mention. Available on both Android and iOS, this app provides users with real-time air quality data from monitoring stations across the United Kingdom.

Shair’s strength lies in its intuitive and attractive interface. The app portrays pollution levels using colour-coded maps, making it easy for users to quickly grasp the air quality in their local areas. It also provides forecasts on pollution levels, helping users plan their outdoor activities accordingly.

Additionally, Shair offers practical advice on how to reduce exposure to air pollution. These tips can be particularly useful for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions, as well as for individuals who are passionate about environmental protection.

The app also has a unique feature called ‘MyPath’. This feature allows users to plan their routes based on the cleanest air paths, which can be particularly useful for cyclists, runners, or individuals who commute on foot.


Air pollution is a significant concern in the UK and globally, with serious implications for our health and the environment. Mobile apps that monitor air quality, like Breezometer, Plume Labs: Air Report, IQAir, London Air, CleanSpace, MyAirVisual, and Shair, have made it easier for us to stay informed about the air we breathe. These apps provide real-time and forecasted air quality data, information on specific pollutants, and practical advice on how to reduce exposure to poor air quality.

Remember, knowledge is power. Having this information at our fingertips empowers us to make informed decisions about our daily activities, from deciding the best time to exercise outdoors to understanding when to ventilate our homes. It also enables us to take the necessary precautions to protect our health and contribute to the fight for cleaner air.

Ultimately, while these apps play a crucial role in raising awareness about air pollution and helping us navigate our daily lives, they are just a part of the solution. Collective action, policy changes, and a shared commitment to environmental protection are essential for achieving long-term improvements in air quality.